How to Hang an Interior Door

Whether your old door is damaged and needs to be replaced or you are simply giving your home a new aesthetic, it can be useful to know how to hang an interior door. At Country Lumber, we supply a wide variety of doors, door hardware, and installation tools, and our knowledgeable staff are always happy to help you navigate the specifics of your home project.

How to Hang a Door in Your Home

Replacing a door in your home is a job that many homeowners can perform on their own, depending on how well-prepared your door slab is. Many doors come as unfinished slabs on which you will need to drill and carve out placements for the hardware. Others come pre-hung on jambs, which are only necessary if you are also replacing the framework for the door. Make sure that you get a door that is as straightforward to install as possible.

To ensure that your door installation goes smoothly, measure your door’s height, width, and depth before picking out a new one. You should also measure out your door’s hinge placements, as buying a door with hinge gaps that match your doorway is a lot easier than trying to cut out new hinge placements. Make sure that you also note which direction the door is supposed to swing. Once you have this information assembled, you are ready to purchase your new door. After you get your new door home, follow these steps to install it:

1.     Remove the Old Door Hardware

Detach the doorknob from the old door. There should be two screws that hold the two sides of the doorknob in place. Once these are removed, the doorknob should pull free. The latch should also pull free through the edge of the door.

2.     Remove the Old Door

Using a hammer and a punch or screwdriver, pop the hinge pins out of the hinges. Make sure that you start at the bottom of the door and work your way up. Pull the door out of the doorway.

3.     Transfer the Hinges

Unscrew each hinge from the door and then fasten the hinges to the new door. Alternatively, if you are replacing the hinges as well, you can simply unscrew the hinges from the door frame.

4.     Hang the New Door

Lift your new door and line up the hinges on it with the hinges or hinge placements in the frame. If the hinges are new, screw them in place on the door frame, starting at the top. If you are using the same hinges, line up the hinge knuckles and tap the pins back into place with a hammer. Make sure that the knob placement lines up with the strike plate on the doorframe.

5.     Install the Hardware

Reinstall the doorknob by working in reverse from step one. Push the latch into the side of the door and thread the doorknob axle through it. You may need to adjust the length of the latch. Attach the opposite side of the doorknob and fasten the two pieces in place with the provided screws.

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