SPF and Fir Lumber

Lumber produced from spruce-pine-fir Species is marketed together as SPF. SPF is ideal for residential and commercial construction due to its low cost and high strength to weight ratio. Canadian Hem-Fir lumber is comprised of two coastal species (Hemlock and Amabilis Fir) and is available in structural, appearance and remanufacturing grades. Hem-Fir is renowned for its combination strength and beauty and used in the construction of residential, light commercial buildings, structural building components and a wide range of industrial applications. Canadian Douglas Fir pound for pound is one of the strongest woods in the world. It is an ideal choice for aesthetically and structurally demanding applications.

We stock a wide range of sizes from 1x2 thru 2x12 and in 8' to 24' lengths.

Available in full packages or by the piece.