Plywood is a manufactured panel made up of 3 or more layers of wood veneer. Each ply is laid down with its grain running perpendicular to the one before it. It provides a strong inexpensive alternative to solid wood. It is widely used both in cabinet making and in house construction. Here at Country Lumber we stock a wide variety of sizes and types of plywood. From Formply to treated to OSB, standard & specialty plywood, we’ll have what you're looking for.

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Standard Sheathing

The typical applications for standard sheathing are floor, wall and roofs. At Country Lumber we carry varying thicknesses of square edge sheathing as well as the more specialty, tongue and groove and select plywoods. The sheathing is available in spruce and fir.


Specialty Plywood

At Country Lumber we stock a wide range of specialty products. From Mahogany and Maple to Hardboards and Subfloor we'll have what you need. We also have availability to many more speciality plywoods upon special order.



Formply is constructed with Douglas Fir for superior strength and stiffness. It is a structural plywood overlaid on both sides with a resin-impregnated film that has been fused into the surface veneer under heat and pressure. The resulting surface proves to be resistant to moisture making it suitable for repeated use in concrete formwork.



OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered wood product formed by layering strands or flakes of wood in specific orientations. OSB is mainly used for floor, wall and roof sheathing. It is an economical option compared to plywood.

Thickness Chart